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How to install CarPlay in an Audi R8?

How to install CarPlay in an Audi R8?

audi r8 carplay

In an Audi R8, there's nothing better than having Apple CarPlay on board. The Apple brand's system allows the driver to enjoy a number of features carefully designed to keep them driving safely. So, how do you install CarPlay in an Audi R8? What are the steps to install it in the car?


Without hesitation, Apple CarPlay is the best in-car system you can have in an Audi R8. The Cupertino firm's teams have doubled their efforts to offer us an in-car system with everything a driver needs to drive safely.

CarPlay allows the driver to make and/or receive calls using the steering wheel controls or the Siri voice assistant. They can also use the latter to search for directions, listen to their favorite songs, etc. In addition, it's possible to have a bunch of apps on the dashboard, including Waze, Spotify, Google Maps, etc.

To take advantage of this technology, the car radio must be compatible with the Apple in-car system.


To install CarPlay in your Audi R8, it is essential to have at least the Iphone 6 as a first step. After that, you just need to configure the car radio, not forgetting to connect the smartphone with the radio via a USB cable or Bluetooth and Wifi for a wireless connection.

If your Audi is compatible with CarPlay, simply activate it and you're done. If not, you need to configure CarPlay. To do this, here are the steps to follow:

  • Activate the voice assistant on the iPhone;
  • Use a USB port or the wireless connection (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) to connect the iPhone;
  • Hold down the voice command button on the steering wheel and select the vehicle on the "Available Cars" heading;
  • Follow the setup wizard ;

Thus, Apple CarPlay is automatically displayed on the dashboard.

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