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How to install the mirror link?

How to install the mirror link?

While Mirror Link helps to provide greater access to applications via the center console of cars, it must also be recognized that very few people actually know how to successfully install this system in their car. This content outlines the entire process of overcoming this great deficit. Let's find out together.


Today's automakers are more flexible than ever. They are less and less reluctant to allow the most popular operating systems of the moment to be used in the vehicle models they build. In addition to the infotainment systems that these manufacturers install in their works, it is now more common to connect Apple Carplay and Android Auto to the systems present in the vehicles. These two devices allow drivers of the vehicles of the relevant brands to access the iOS and Android interfaces via the screen present in their cars. However, for security reasons, there is a slight restriction on the applications that can be accessed through these popular systems. Fortunately, mirror link has appeared to fill these gaps.


With mirror link, it's much easier to have greater and more diverse access to the applications of your choice even while driving. Without it, you'll have to make do with your car's original infotainment system.

That said, to install mirror link on your smartphone for use inside your vehicle, you must first make sure you have a compatible vehicle model. Once you are sure of this, the next step is to download the most suitable version of mirror link for your vehicle.

Then you need to connect your smartphone to your car via a USB cable. After downloading mirror link, you need to install other applications like Waze before you can use mirror link. To do this, you need to go to "settings", and more precisely to the menu more "connection settings" or "connectivity". Then launch the icon of the independent standard and press the button to activate the connection of the vehicle via USB. From here, you will have access to the interface of your smartphone on the center console of your car. This will only be possible if you have actually installed the most compatible mirror link to both your vehicle and your smartphone.


Installing mirror link is not as complicated as it seems. Before succeeding, it is important to have the most compatible version for your car and your smartphone. This device is very complete and allows users to access a wide range of applications from the steering wheel of your car. A facility that makes your journeys unique, less boring and very entertaining. All of our Carplay modules are compatible with Mirror Link.

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