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Install Carplay in my Fiat 500x

Install Carplay in my Fiat 500x

Carplay Fiat 500X

Developed by Apple, Carplay is one of the best in-car systems. In a car, it gives the driver, in addition to comfort, a real desire to drive as long as possible. But because of the apparent complexity it can show, Carplay is sometimes difficult to install. What does Carplay mean? How do you set it up in your Fiat 500X? We describe the whole procedure in this article.


If it ever occurred to you that Carplay is nothing more than a version of iOS, get comfortable, you're not wrong. It is! Developed by Apple, Carplay is now considered an unparalleled technological achievement in the automotive world. Carplay is a system that allows the extension of the screen of a smartphone on the screen of a car. And this to allow the driver to perform various actions such as making calls, searching for a route with the GPS, playing music etc.


More than useful, Carplay is a very good technology that is both entertaining and safe. In terms of safety, Carplay allows the driver to use his smartphone without touching it. While driving the car, the driver can make calls (video or audio), request directions. All this just with the use of the famous Siri voice command.

Sending text messages without typing a single letter on the phone keyboard is also possible through the Text to Speech and Speech to Text features. With access to the multimedia files on his phone, the driver can also play music.

However, it should be noted that the extension of the phone on the car screen only takes into account the tools and functionalities compatible with driving.


It is possible to connect Carplay to your Fiat 500X via USB or Bluetooth. As you can see, the connection can be wired or not. For Bluetooth, you will need to:

  • Turn on the Bluetooth of your smartphone, make it visible so that it is detected by the car's console
  • Select the Bluetooth of your device on the screen of your Fiat 500X and establish a connection by entering the security code indicated on both devices (console, phone)
  • Finally, accept screen sharing with your phone

These are the steps to follow to install the system. As mentioned, Carplay can also be connected via USB.

The procedure in this case remains the same. Only this time it will not be Bluetooth, but to connect the cable from your charger to the car console.

It would be impossible to talk about car comfort today without referring to Carplay. If you don't know much about it, here's everything you need to know about it and how to install it. Use Carplay in your Fiat 500X and you'll have another driving experience you're sure to enjoy.

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