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Install Carplay in your Renault Zoe

Install Carplay in your Renault Zoe

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As you probably know, Apple CarPlay is the most popular in-car system for drivers. That's why many are opting for this technology in the Renault Zoe to improve driving comfort. But how to install CarPlay on this car? We are going to explain that.

Choose a ZOÉ compatible CARPLAY module

Before installing an Apple branded car system, you need to select the appropriate CarPlay module for your Renault Zoe.

In our online store, we offer you Renault Apple CarPlay modules of the highest quality. This module model is a world exclusive and only available on thecarplayer.com. The icing on the cake, the price defies all competition. Note that our module certainly allows the driver to install a rearview camera if the driver wishes.

Installing Carplay in Zoe

In order to install Apple CarPlay in your beautiful electric city car, our store provides you with a module that installs in minutes. You can also contact us so we can provide you with one of our certified Carplay installers for installation.

Don't worry about it! You don't need to cut any wires or harnesses. Our modules are plug and play. In other words, it blends easily and perfectly into the vehicle. Note that the installation of the module still requires its removal for a perfect integration.

To install CarPlay in the car, the screen of your Renault Zoe must be removed by removing 4 screws before installing the module. Once the screen is removed, it must be opened to place a soft layer. No need to cut the cable!

Once installed properly, navigate the Apple CarPlay menu via the Renault touchscreen using our installation diagram. In addition, Apple Carplay offers drivers some interesting features that can improve vehicle comfort and safety, not to mention the modern touches it will offer.

If you have an older generation Renault Zoe with the MediaNav system, you need to replace the set with a fully Carplay-enabled car radio.

As a reminder, Apple CarPlay allows drivers to install several apps in the Renault Zoe, such as Waze, Coyote, Google Maps, Apple Muic, Maps, Deezer, Spotify and many others. The in-car system can also make and receive calls, send and/or receive messages without touching the dashboard screen or iPhone. Just use Siri or the steering wheel controls.