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Install the Tinder application on your car screen!

Install the Tinder application on your car screen!

tinder écran voiture


First of all, we have to explain what Tinder is, because not everybody knows it but it is one of the biggest dating application. Users are quite addicted to it. Sliding your finger to the left or right (swiping) creates a virtual phenomenon of choosing the partner you want to start a conversation with. You can even see people driving their cars and using their smartphones while using the dating application.


Phone calls, messages, navigation (Apple Maps), music (Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play Music, etc.) are on the agenda, using the iOS logic on the car's dashboard screen, Apple Carplay's interface is very simple with access to the main applications (such as audio streaming (spotify) or navigation, such as Waze or even Google Maps) and the Home button to return to the main menu.


1. MirrorLink

Installing Mirrorlink is not as complicated as it sounds. It's important to have the version that works best for your car and smartphone until you get it right. The device is so comprehensive that it allows users to access a wide range of apps from the steering wheel of the car. Easily make your trip unique, less boring and very fun. There are two cases, one where Mirrorlink is installed as standard (example some Volkswagens) and the other case where you have to install a Carplay module, which is completed with Android Auto and finally the MirrorLink application.

This also allows direct access to certain smartphone functions, including applications provided by the car's in-car system that are not always included, such as navigation via Waze, Google Maps or Apple Maps, or music streaming (online music streaming) with Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music or Google Play Music but also applications such as Tinder. You really need to understand that Mirror Link is the mirror of your smartphone, everything you see on your smartphone, you will see on the screen of your vehicle.

2. Jailbreaking your Iphone

A little more "underground" method, Jailbreaking your iPhone is simply a process that allows you to remove all the limits and restrictions of your smartphone. You will be able to install any application, change the visual theme, ... But it doesn't stop there, you will be able, in the case of owning Apple Carplay, to have the possibility to display more than the few applications available in Carplay mode. If you want to install an application like Tinder, it will finally be possible and functional. You will be able to use the original joystick or your touch screen to match profiles you like.

Of course, this last method is far from being recommended, even forbidden while driving as it represents a danger for you and other drivers.