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Install Youtube for free on Carplay

Install Youtube for free on Carplay

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Driving while listening to music allows you to travel a great distance. It's just great! This exercise is very appreciated by many car drivers around the world. For this, accessing Youtube from the screen of your car becomes a necessity. Find out here how to do it.


If driving while listening to music relaxes the spirits and makes the journey less time consuming than it could be, it is still perceived as a cause of road accidents for Apple. Indeed, for a long time, accessing Youtube while driving is, for Apple, a form of driver distraction. This could lead to accidents or moments of distraction while driving. As a result, on Carplay, it was not possible to access Youtube via Carplay on your car screen. This situation was not necessarily to please users of iOS systems.


Towards a solution despite the bans?

Carplay's restrictions on access to Youtube are aimed more at ensuring the safety of car drivers. Fortunately, thanks to CarBridge, this inconvenience is lifted for the happiness of many. Indeed, CarBridge is a very practical tool that simply allows access to blocked applications on Carplay. With it, you could easily have on your car screen, all the applications of your choice, in this case Youtube. Enjoying Youtube on your car screen becomes easier and simpler with CarBridge. Even better, this ease also extends to Safari, VLC, Plex, Twitch, Google Play Music and several other iOS applications that were inaccessible on Carplay.

CarBridge: How does it work?

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To use CarBridge properly, you don't have to be a pro or an expert first. CarBridge is very simple to operate and doesn't require you to be a rocket scientist. You just have to install it and then choose the applications you would like to have on Carplay via your car screen. The last step would be to launch them from your car's console and then it's done. From now on, you don't need to prepare a playlist before having access to the music of your choice because it would now be possible to search for them directly on Youtube. Having said that, it's also important to remember that CarBridge is available on your iOS 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 devices at a highly reviewed price of around $9.99 just.

In conclusion

From now on, accessing Youtube on Carplay is possible if you rely on CarBridge. This tool is easy to use and offers a very pleasant convenience to all those users. It is a tweak that expands the number of applications you can access from the center console of your car. No more complex to have for Apple users, CarBridge flies to your rescue.

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