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Installing CarPlay in a Jaguar F-Pace

Installing CarPlay in a Jaguar F-Pace

carplay f-pace

As you probably know, Apple CarPlay is the most popular in-car system for drivers. That's why so many people choose this technology to enhance their driving experience in the Jaguar F-Pace. But how do you install CarPlay in this vehicle? Here's how.


Before proceeding to the installation of the embedded system from the brand to the Apple, it is essential to choose a CarPlay module adapted to your Jaguar F-Pace. The choice must be made with care!

On our e-shop, we offer you a better quality Jaguar F-Pace Apple CarPlay module. And the icing on the cake, the price defies all competition. Note that our module allows drivers to install a rearview camera.


To install CarPlay in your Jaguar F-Pace, our store provides you with a module that can be installed in a few minutes, without the need for an installer.

Don't worry! You won't need to cut any wires or harnesses or make any adjustments. Our module installs in Plug & Play. In other words, it integrates easily and perfectly into the vehicle.

To install CarPlay in the car, you have to remove the passenger seat by unscrewing the 4 screws before connecting the module. There is no cable to cut!

Once the installation is done properly, use the Jaguar's screen to navigate in the Apple CarPlay menu. Moreover, the Apple's onboard system offers drivers interesting features that can improve comfort and safety on board.

Here is the installation video:

As a reminder, Apple CarPlay allows drivers to have several applications on board their Jaguar F-Pace, such as Waze, Coyote, Google Maps, Apple Music, Maps, Deezer, Spotify and many others. The in-car system also allows drivers to make and receive calls, send and/or receive messages without having to touch the dashboard screen or iPhone. Just use Siri or the steering wheel controls.