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Installing Carplay in a Mercedes B-Class

Installing Carplay in a Mercedes B-Class

Carplay Mercedes Class B

Road safety depends on the proper conduct of road users. Don't get distracted while driving. Your peace of mind and that of others depends on it! Carplay is a solution designed to make driving autonomous. To install it in your Mercedes B-Class, you don't need to bring out the heavy artillery. Just let this article be your guide!


Today, iPhones have been so useful that we carry them with us at all times. Even when we drive our car, we need to check our cell phone. This is very convenient to answer an urgent call from office or home. But in doing so, we are no longer focused on the journey and unfortunately, an accident can happen. Carplay is the safest way to avoid any disturbance while driving. Whether you feel the need to send a last-minute text to your loved ones, or you want to check your email or whatever you want, with Carplay you're off the hook. It's your co-pilot throughout your adventure on the road.


The Carplay application is available in your Mercedes B-Class and is able to provide you with the ideal assistance for controlled driving. In addition to providing you with ad hoc infotainment, Apple Carplay will allow you to:

  • Stay in communication with your friends in complete security;
  • Exchange messages with your loved ones in real time;
  • Search the internet without any hassle;
  • Listen to music, podcasts and other content for your enjoyment;
  • Tune in to your favorite radio stations to keep up with the news;
  • Follow the navigation to control traffic;
  • Access your favorite iPhone applications;
  • Interact with Siri;


Considering the many advantages of using this fashion tool, it is essential to have it in your Mercedes B Class. Thus, you should install Carplay in your vehicle to be able to enjoy it. So how do you go about it?

1st case: wired connection

Please start your vehicle by turning on the ignition. Once this is done, you will have to use an original cable preferably, which you will connect to the console of your vehicle. The two ends of this cable should be placed respectively at the charging end of the iPhone and the USB port of the Mercedes B-Class.

2nd case: the wireless connection

For the second option, the process is the same as a pairing between two Bluetooth devices. First, try to turn on the Bluetooth on the vehicle device and also on your iPhone. After that, you will search for your device in the list of devices presented on the on-board display. Then select your smartphone and confirm the pairing. You will see a connection icon appear on the screen of the Mercedes B-Class in both cases to confirm the success of the installation.

That's all you need to install Carplay on your Mercedes B Class. Now it's up to you!

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