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Is it possible to have CarPlay in a BMW E46?

Is it possible to have CarPlay in a BMW E46?

The BMW E46 is an older car and cannot accommodate original CarPlay on board. Fortunately, there is a solution that allows drivers to enjoy all the features offered by this in-car system from Apple. So how do you get CarPlay on BMW E46? We explain everything!

carplay bmw e46


To have CarPlay in your BMW E46, it is essential to change your radio. The original car radio available on the vehicle has not been designed to accommodate the Apple's onboard system.

In order to enjoy all the features provided by Apple CarPlay, owners of the BMW E46 must change their radio set. Attention! The choice of the device is not important. It is only important to choose an accessory compatible with the onboard system of the American firm.

USB Dongle Carplay

After you've gotten a compatible Carplay car radio you should opt for our USB dongle to activate Carplay in your BMW E46!

This dongle lets you use your iPhone on the road safely. The driver can make phone calls, use Maps, listen to music, listen to messages received thanks to Siri, etc. They can even enjoy Spotify, Internet radio and podcasts while on the road. Just connect the dongle via USB, and you're done!

It's Plug and Play, that is without modification of your existing system. Its compatible with Wince, Android MTK, Primaill and CSR autoradio GPS. Your screen resolution must be 1080p. Your smartphone charges at the same time.

By accessing the Play Store available on your car radio, the driver can download GPS applications, such as Waze, Google Maps, Sygic, etc.

Remember that our dongle is compatible with the original steering wheel controls of your BMW E46