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MirrorLink banned?

MirrorLink banned?

mirror link interdit

MirrorLink is a technology that allows drivers to use their Android devices while keeping their hands on the wheel of their car, as it interacts directly from the vehicle's screen. But MirrorLink is banned, right?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let's note that MirrorLink is a technology created by Nokia.


MirrorLink is a technology that only works in vehicles that support it. If it's not allowed in your vehicle, your system is not compatible.

To find out if your car is compatible with the technology, simply visit the MirrorLink website. Note that the technology is already available on Polo, Beetle, Beetle Convertible, New Polo, New Passat, New Passat SW, etc.

Remember that MirrorLink technology is one of the most affordable systems on the market. As for the applications compatible with this system, we mention iCoyote, Sygic and Bringo for GPS, RockScout to listen to music, etc. The driver can also have Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat... and YouTube on his dashboard, but for a short time. Why? Because the apps become inert as soon as the car is moving.

What is really forbidden is not to have the Mirror Link (Mirroring) nor even its use but its use while driving because it distracts the user and no matter what is said, a movie or a video even if it is listened to in audio, attracts the eye on the screen: eye that should be in front of the road and not in front of the screen. This is why integrated solutions with the use of elements (original wheel, idrive, steering wheel controls) with Apple Carplay and Android Auto are available on the market.


Have you checked the MirrorLink website for compatibility? Does your system support this technology? Here are the steps to activate it:

  • Connect the smartphone to the vehicle via a USB cable;
  • On the home screen, press the button to open the apps panel;
  • Click on "Settings";
  • Go to the "More connection settings" menu;
  • Tap "MirrorLink;
  • Click on "Connect to vehicle via USB" to activate MirrorLink;

As a reminder, MirrorLink technology allows drivers to duplicate their Android device on their vehicle's display using a USB cable or Bluetooth link. In addition to basic functionality, MirrorLink is able to transmit driving information to the smartphone, such as fuel consumption and average speed.

As a reminder, all of our Carplay modules also allow you to get Mirror Link for anyone who wants to have video while driving or other applications! The user (driver) remains the only one responsible for the use of such a system.

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