Most useful accessories for Apple Carplay

Most useful accessories for Apple Carplay

carplay accessoires

In order to enhance your driving experience, there are a variety of accessories that are compatible with Carplay. Let's take a look at what can complement our Carplay.


  • Phone holder: A phone holder is a great accessory for using Carplay safely.
  • Car Charger: If you use Carplay for long distances, it is important to have a car charger to charge your phone while driving.
  • Backup camera: A backup camera is a great accessory for drivers who have trouble parking.
  • Premium Sound System: It can provide you with clearer and more powerful sound, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes.
  • Dashcam: A dashcam is a video camera that can be installed on your dashboard to record the road as you drive.

It is important to note that the compatibility of these accessories with Carplay may vary depending on the model and year of manufacture of your vehicle. It is therefore recommended that you check compatibility before purchasing any accessory for your vehicle.


caméra de recul carplay

The rearview camera is a very useful accessory for drivers who have trouble making parking maneuvers. It can be installed on your vehicle and connected to Carplay to display a live image of the reversing area on the infotainment system screen.

The rearview camera can be installed on the rear of the vehicle, usually on the license plate or rear bumper. It uses sensors to display a clear image of the rear area on the screen when you put the car in reverse.

This feature is especially useful for drivers who have difficulty estimating distance when backing up or who have blind spots in the rear of their vehicle. It provides a clear view of obstacles, such as poles, curbs and other vehicles, and helps avoid collisions when parking.

Using the rearview camera in combination with Carplay is very convenient because it allows you to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road while performing parking maneuvers. This feature is also very useful for drivers of large vehicles, such as pickup trucks, SUVs and motor homes, which may have limited visibility to the rear.

There are many options for rearview cameras, ranging from basic models to advanced models with additional features, such as night vision, guide lines and obstacle detection.


accessoires Carplay

The dashcam is a video recording device mounted on the dashboard of a vehicle, which records images of the road and the interior of the car. It is powered by the car's cigarette lighter and records automatically when the car is in motion.

The dashcam can be useful for many reasons, including proving your innocence in a car accident or capturing memorable travel moments. It can also be used to monitor the driving of inexperienced drivers, such as new drivers or company drivers, and to monitor the safety of passengers.

Most dashcams come with a loop recorder, which continuously records video to a memory card until the storage space is full. Once the memory card is full, the camera will begin recording over older recorded video, erasing the oldest recordings first.

Some dashcams come with additional features, such as motion detection, which automatically records when the car is parked and detects motion, and collision detection, which automatically records when a crash is detected.

Now you have a small overview of useful accessories with CarPlay.

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