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Paramount+ on Carplay

Paramount+ on Carplay

paramount plus carplay

You have a car with Apple Carplay and you're happy with it. But, after thinking about it, you wish the application would let you do a little more. You may have a vehicle with a nice screen and you'd like to enjoy it a little more by watching Paramount+. Well, you should know that this is possible. This is possible by using a CANBUS adapter. In this article we will introduce you to the CANBUS adapter and see how to enjoy it with Paramount+.


Carplay is an integrated operating system designed by Apple to allow drivers to connect their iPhone to their car to access their applications, music services, navigation tools and messages. This application will allow drivers to focus on the road while maintaining a visual on the phone.


CANBUS (Controller Area Network bus) is a communication system used to interconnect different electronic components of a vehicle. It has been developed to replace wired systems and has been adapted for use in vehicles. Now let's see its characteristics in detail.


One of the major advantages of the CANBUS adapter is its size, since it is very small, about the equivalent of a USB key. The question of available space in your vehicle does not even arise, you can store it anywhere. But beware, despite its small size, it is still very powerful. Its performance is remarkable and it will perfectly meet your expectations such as enjoying Paramount + on Carplay.


If you want to install a new infotainment unit on your vehicle, you will notice that it can be very complicated. You'll have to find the time to do it, or else you'll have to call in a qualified professional, but all of this will cost you extra. However, with the CANBUS adapter, everything becomes easier, just plug it in. No need to be a handyman.

It will have to be plugged into the vehicle's USB port, a port that is now found on almost all vehicles.


The CANBUS adapter supports several connectivity modes. For example, you can insert a SIM card to get 4G. You can also choose to use a Wi-Fi access point.

The adapter also has Bluetooth connectivity and has a GPS antenna to help you with navigation applications like Waze.


By using the CANBUS adapter, you will have access to the Play Store. By accessing it, you will be able to download a multitude of applications to your vehicle. There are some applications that are not designed to be used in the car.

application paramount plus

You will have the chance to have a good time watching all the content of Paramount + for example. All you have to do is go to the Play Store, search for the Paramount + application and install it. Once the app is installed, you can launch it and enjoy it.

No more panic or stress when you are in a traffic jam, waiting will become more pleasant. Of course, you will be able to enjoy other applications like YouTube, Deezer...

The CANBUS adapter has many advantages: its size, its power, its ease of installation. It will perfectly meet your expectations. Your daily trips will become much more pleasant.

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