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Presentation of the new BMW ID8 system

Presentation of the new BMW ID8 system

bmw id8

In recent years, the German automaker has been using the best cutting-edge digital technologies to provide drivers with top-of-the-line cars, hence the release of the new BMW ID8 system.

The eighth-generation BMW iDrive is an infotainment system that allows drivers to take control over various vehicle parameters. We will take a look!


The BMW ID8 is based on artificial intelligence (AI) and is able to identify repeated situations and interpret them in order to offer the driver the most suitable solutions. The system also features a remote software upgrade feature called "Remote Software Update", which allows the driver to take advantage of the latest in-house updates.

The BMW iDrive 8 runs on a new operating system: BMW OS 8, which is what makes the new system more powerful than the older versions. It is also compatible with 5G technology.

On its iDrive 8, BMW offers drivers its own smart, connected navigation: the BMW Maps. It also offers them an intelligent personal assistant: BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. We also find the "My Modes" function, allowing you to select driving modes.


BMW iDrive 8 is a system that anticipates drivers' needs. In other words, this technology allows them to further customize their driving habits. Not only can the driver manage the vehicle's behavior, but he or she can also fully customize the dashboard.

Other new features of the ID8 system include intelligent automatic climate control, which takes into account several factors, such as the number of passengers in the BMW, the intensity of the sun's rays to vary the temperature, ventilation power and air distribution autonomously.

In addition, the BMW OS 8 operating system can anticipate where the driver wants to go. How does it do that? Simply by basing it on his habits.

As you can see, BMW is doing its best to couple the driving experience of the sporty brand with its user by providing a whole panel of options.

As a reminder, Apple Carplay remains an option for the manufacturer, even in 2021!

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