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Real-time weather with Apple CarPlay

Real-time weather with Apple CarPlay

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Imagine being on the road and having to deal with unexpected weather conditions such as rain or snow. You might feel anxious without knowing the current weather conditions. That's where Apple CarPlay can come in handy. With the apps we're going to introduce, you can get real-time weather updates on your car dashboard. In this article, we're going to introduce you to two of the best apps for getting weather updates while you're driving.


First suggestion

The first application we suggest is "Weather Live". This app is primarily designed for travel and allows you to view temperatures, weather conditions, radar maps and weather alerts along your route. The app has a free version with basic functionality, while the Pro version offers advanced features for a monthly subscription fee. Once you've installed the app, simply plug your CarPlay-enabled iPhone into your car and you'll be ready to go with real-time weather updates for your journey.

Second suggestion

Our second suggestion is "MyRadar". This application offers real-time radar views and provides current precipitation levels, wind speeds, hyperlocal weather forecasts and rain alerts. MyRadar also offers different display modes, weather layer customization and the option to track current position or remain fixed in one location. Some of MyRadar's features are available free of charge, but you can choose to remove ads and access advanced features for an annual fee.

meteo carplay

To take advantage of these two apps, it's important that you have a CarPlay-compatible car radio. After installing the app on your iPhone, simply connect your iPhone to your car's CarPlay-compatible car radio, and the app will appear on your dashboard. So you can enjoy both weather apps in real time while you're driving.

By using apps like "Live Weather" and "MyRadar", you can get accurate, real-time weather information while you drive with Apple CarPlay. These apps let you get the current weather conditions for your route or current location. Enjoy safe travels and avoid unpleasant surprises with real-time weather updates!

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