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Rear-view CCD Camera for Carplay

Rear-view CCD Camera for Carplay

With a rear-view camera system in your car, you'll gain a well-lit, wide-angle view of what’s behind you – something that a rear-view mirror just can't deliver. If you are just looking for additional safety or want to keep an eye on something you're towing, installing a rear-view CCD video system in your car, truck, or RV is important.

There's no better time to install a rear-view camera than when you're already installing a new Carplay system in your vehicle. When you shift your vehicle into reverse, you'll see a helpful view on your display.

Generally, backup cameras provide a healthy horizontal viewing angle, with some as expansive as 190-degrees. The wider you go, the more you'll see behind you at a glance.

Installation – adding the rear-view camera to your vehicle

Installing a rear-view camera usually consist of 3 stages:

  1. The first thing you need to do is install the camera in the rear of the car and wire it for power.

  2. After that you need to run a video connection from your camera to your screen, unless its a wireless system.

  3. Then you need to connect that video cable to the input of the compatible monitor.

The benefit of a CCD lens rear-view camera is that it comes with better night vision and a more durable enclosure.

The camera can process more pixels in a faster and more precise way which results in a stunningly colorful daytime image and an incredibly vivid night time view.

    Just like an air bag or a seat belt, a rear-view camera isn't a replacement for your vehicle's mirrors, it's a powerful tool for driving safely and parallel parking like a professional. 

      The CCD reversing camera we would recommend can be found here: CCD reversing camera.

      All our rear-view cameras are compatible with our Carplays.

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