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Sound problem on Carplay Peugeot

Sound problem on Carplay Peugeot


By installing Carplay in your Peugeot or even some Citroën, the display works perfectly, everything is connected correctly, and finally, the jack cable is well connected between the Carplay module and your original jack.

Except that the problem is that plugging this jack into the original AUX port of your Peugeot does not change anything. No sound coming out of the speakers when launching Spotify for example.

In the meantime, you can always try to connect an external audio source such as a tablet or an mp3 player or other directly on the JACK socket of your Peugeot, nothing changes, the AUX function is like unusable, disabled, it is grayed, impossible to select.


Solution 1:

Go to the dealer to activate/reactivate the AUX function. Sometimes, due to a battery problem or a reset following an oil change or a manufacturer's update, some functions/options are deactivated without wanting to. If this solution doesn't work or the dealer just doesn't want to do it (it happens too), go to solution number 2.

Solution 2: 

Fortunately, there is a solution that works 100% and totally PLUG & PLAY. Since there is no possibility to use the original jack, the goal is to force the system to accept the sound of Carplay. To do this, simply plug the USB to AUX adapter into the original USB socket, it will act as a transformer/converter from the USB socket to the JACK socket. Once plugged, the system will detect an IPOD device.

Here are the explanatory pictures:

aux jack peugeot 308


aux jack peugeot 308

Connect the USB to AUX adapter.

aux jack peugeot 308

The SMEG system automatically detects an IPOD that you can finally select to have sound in Carplay mode.

Link of the adapter : HERE

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