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Tidal on CarPlay: what you need to know!

Tidal on CarPlay: what you need to know!

tidal carplay

To listen to music on CarPlay, the most used apps are Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. In recent years, there is an app that continues to grow in popularity: Tidal. Developed by the American singer Jay-Z, this service is finally making its way into CarPlay.

Today, the world of streaming music on CarPlay is managed by Spotify and Apple Music. The two giants share the market, but that doesn't stop competitors from accessing it, including Tidal. After the update of the latter app, it has finally become possible to listen to our favorite music in our cars, as long as we pay for a Tidal subscription.

To use Tidal on CarPlay, let's find out together the most important points to know.


Finally, Tidal fans to use this streaming service on Apple CarPlay. This way, they can listen to their favorite music in the car. At the time of writing, the solution is available in more than 200 vehicle models.

Subscribers to Jay-Z's streaming service can listen to their favorite songs on board, albums and playlists. To do so, simply access the "My Collection" tab on the Tidal app available on the dashboard. In the "Explore" section, users can access new songs and podcasts.

Note that the Tidal app on CarPlay can only work with an iPhone X or later model.


Jay-Z fans can use Tidal in their cars to listen to music. All they need is a radio compatible with Apple's in-car system. Subscribers to the service can listen to their favorite songs, albums and playlists from their iPhone. To take advantage of this, all they need to do is install the latest update to the app.

Tidal users to stream music directly to their CarPlay in-car system.

In addition to Tidal, other music streaming services are available on Apple CarPlay. Among the most well-known are the popular Spotify app, Pandora and Apple Music. To have a place in the market, Tidal has several assets and tries to bet on exclusivities by paying higher royalties to artists and offering a more expensive "HiFi" level with lossless sound.

If you have an iPhone X or later and your car stereo is equipped with the Apple CarPlay in-car system, simply install Tidal on your smartphone to enjoy all its features on board.

For now, the arrival of the Tidal app on Android Auto has not been confirmed. No official information has been published on the web yet. But the streaming service could arrive on car radios equipped with Android Auto.

As a reminder, Apple CarPlay is available on over 600 car models. To discover the complete list, just click on this link!