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Udemy on Apple Carplay

Let's discover the Udemy app on Apple Carplay


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The Udemy app offers a variety of features, such as the ability to manage your course subscriptions and access course content on the go. And when you say on the go, you mean Apple carplay, of course.

Pursue perfection to succeed. Udemy is the leading online course platform in France and elsewhere. It allows you to grow professionally and personally. Download the app to explore our vast library of thousands of topics offering cutting-edge online video courses on coding, development, Python, Java, business, marketing, SEO, SEM, design, photography, and more.

Udemy offers free and paid courses in 60 different languages.


udemy apple carplay

I have taken several courses. The content is of good quality and the application is well done. The only downside of the ipad version is that the app doesn't seem to support split-view mode which prevents me from using the large size of my ipad pro. It would be nice to be able to share screens, especially for drawing classes. It would be cool to take a class and use a pencil to draw on a drawing app at the same time, but that's another topic.

The application works well, but some improvements to the interface are to be expected. The ability to download videos in offline mode is a real treat. However, when using the application in the subway, it is usually advisable to put the iPhone in airplane mode, otherwise the video will try to load, but a bad network will prevent it from being available without a connection. Also, considering that the iPhone X's full screen mode is not bad, there are currently black bands at the bottom and top of the screen, which is a shame.

Udemy has also of course thought about users who are on the go, when you are for example in traffic you will be able to easily view Waze on the screen while listening to an interesting course that you have previously selected or even downloaded for offline use. Udemy understands that the user needs to be trained no matter where he is, his time is precious and he might as well spend it on an intellectual task.

You can almost hear the developers of the Carplay Udemy application say: "Sit back in the seat of your car and let yourself be carried away by one of your training sessions".

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