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Unlock the Best Features of the New Waze Update on Your iPhone

Waze has become a lot more committed to improving the experience with the app for all users regardless of their platforms, and the latest pack of new features is proof.
This week, the Google-owned company has also released a new update for iPhone and CarPlay users, and despite seemingly insignificant, it includes two important fixes.

Waze 4.102, now available on the App Store, resolves a bug that prevented users from updating gas prices successfully. Few people know this, but Waze allows users to contribute with information on gas prices.

When you stop at a gas station, Waze displays a prompt to update the prices so other users can find the information before they navigate to a location. Thanks to this feature, Waze can become a gas price comparison tool, using crowdsourcing as the engine powering this component.

It's not the first time Waze shipped fixes for gas prices, so the company has hopefully gotten it right this time for Apple users.

The second update concerns the speed information that somehow went away for some users running the app on CarPlay. Waze no longer displayed the current speed and speed limit indicator on the map when the app was running on CarPlay, with the company acknowledging the glitch internally and preparing a fix. Today's update should correct this problem, so head over to the App Store to install it right now.

Meanwhile, Waze is also preparing to release one of the biggest updates in years.

The application will get speed bump warnings, sharp curve notifications, and alerts when approaching a toll booth. Waze aims to make the road more predictable, giving you extra time to slow down.

Additionally, this major Waze update will also include lane guidance for roundabouts so that you can use the correct lane according to the recommended route. The update will bring more parking information and a new tool to help compare your typical routes from your favorite locations with the fastest alternatives.

Overall, Waze has become a more advanced navigation solution, proving the app is here to stay despite claims that it would eventually be integrated into Google Maps. The search giant still has no plan to merge the two navigation apps, and all these updates confirm Waze will continue to exist as a separate app.

The features above should land in Waze later this month, but it's unclear if and when the parent company plans to bring them to Android Auto and CarPlay. They will support Android and iPhone from day one, and while they should also land on infotainment screens, Waze's roadmap is currently unclear. We'll learn more on this front when the new features start rolling out.