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Upgrade to iPhone 15? You’ll need this cable for CarPlay

Upgrade to iPhone 15? You’ll need this cable for CarPlay

Apple changed the charging port from Lightning to USB-C with the iPhone 15. A USB-C charging cable comes in the box, but upgraders may need to purchase a separate cable to continue using CarPlay.

USB-A is common in cars

That’s because many cars rely on a USB-A port to enable CarPlay. Wireless CarPlay adapters offer a way out of the wired experience, but charging while driving is also important.

Unfortunately, Apple didn’t make a first-party USB-A to USB-C cable for this situation. Instead, the company sells a $29 USB-C to Lightning adapter as its official solution.

Even though Apple doesn’t sell one, USB-A to USB-C cables are easy to find. However, we also think it’s important to stick with brands you know. It’s your car, after all, so you don’t want anything that could be a fire risk.

USB-C solutions

The hard part about planning ahead in this situation is that not all USB-A to USB-C cables support data transfer. This has been the case with USB-A to Lightning cables as well, but charge-only USB-A to USB-C cables are more common.

These are some picks from reliable brands that should keep CarPlay up and running on day one.

Another option is adapting your car’s USB-A port to USB-C, but we would be hesitant about leaving just any dongle connected to the car. Satechi does make a USB-A to USB-C port adapter for $6.99, but we are not confident that CarPlay will work without testing.

Alternatively, you could drop $30 on Apple’s USB-C to Lightning adapter and use the cable you already have, but that won’t be the only way to use CarPlay.

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