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Video games on Carplay

Video games on Carplay

jeux video carplay

At its conception, Carplay does not allow its users to directly access all the applications of their choice via the central console of their car. Video games are one of those applications that Carplay does not easily access. Fortunately, with Mirror Link, this obstacle is removed. You can now access your smartphone's screen via your car's screen. Let's discover this revolutionary system that fulfills the expectations of many iOS users.


Mirror Link is a system that allows you to display the content of your smartphone directly on the screen of your vehicle. Available since 2014, this functionality that the Mirror Link system allows is simply revolutionary. Indeed, this innovative system follows the Bluetooth hands-free kit options and thus reinforces the convergence between your car and your smartphone.

This powerful and very practical system offers the possibility of displaying the content of your smartphone on the screen of your car. In doing so, you can launch applications from your cell phone and have it on the screen of the multimedia system in your car. This is a form of cloning or duplicating your smartphone screen on your car screen. Instead of manipulating your cell phone, you will be able to control the application selections of your choice via the touch screen of your vehicle or via the buttons on the steering wheel.


Mirror link is a system developed by Nokia and the company CE4A. Originally, it was a brand owned by the «Car Connectivity» consortium. In addition to bringing an impressive number of cell phones to the market, these professionals in the field are also major car manufacturers. Thus, mirror link is an independent system that is accessible to all. It is based on proven technologies like Bluetooth, USB, Wi-Fi, etc.

Several car models and brands have tried this system. These include the Toyota Aygo, the Skoda Fabia, the Volkswagen, the Peugeot 108, the Opel Adam and the Honda Accord. All these major brands have tested the pleasant features of the system and even inspired the Land Rover Discovery sport to join the adventure in 2015. The same goes for the Suzuki Vitara, which is now one of the automotive giants that benefit from the performance of Mirror link.


MirrorLink IPhone is an exceptional system that allows iPhone users to also enjoy the advantages it offers. Indeed, thanks to this system, they will be able to easily duplicate their iPhone screen directly on the screen of their car. Without using Carplay at the risk of being confronted with certain restrictions not much appreciated. Its use is simple and very practical. In addition to being wireless, it is easy to connect. You won't have to worry about your hands while driving. What to gain in concentration during your journey.

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