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What is CarBridge?

What is CarBridge?


Today, the trend is for you to have a smart car that gives you access to several features. So, if Carplay delights more than one car driver, CarBridge seduces them even more. Its features are highly appreciated by its users for several reasons. Before we get to those reasons, let's find out what CarBridge is. Stay focused!


CarBridge is a very useful tweak for various Carplay users. With Carplay, enjoying an iOS display on your car screen is possible. However, CarBridge allows you to launch the applications of your choice from your iPhone and have it directly on your car screen. To do this, it is important that the applications in question are already installed on your phone. Thus, CarBridge is this tweak that gives you access, on your car screen, to the applications of your choice. This very powerful and revolutionary tool is updated on iOS 12. This allows it to access some apps that are not on Carplay or that Carplay cannot support.


At the very beginning, CarBridge made itself known with iOS 11. Very quickly, its utilities were unanimous and won over many users because in reality, this tweak helped, and continues to help, users of applications such as Waze, Google Maps, etc. CarBridge has become, in a short time, a revised or improved version of Carplay that even had trouble accessing the aforementioned applications.

When you already have CarBridge, the update with iOS 12 support is free. On the other hand, if you are planning to get to know this little wonder now, it would be better to plan on spending around 5 euros to get it. It is, for this purpose, is made available on Cydia from the source https://repo.chariz.io


CarBridge is a tweak, or at least it works like one. Indeed, it is a very important ally that helps you make all the changes you want to a given system. It also gives you quick or simplified access to the said system and avoids you having to go through a long and tedious procedure before getting your way. A tweak is simply a performance optimizer. Thus, the way CarBridge works, being based on tweaking, offers quick, simple and very effective formulas to boost the functionality of several systems as well as applications that you could easily use from the screen of your car.


Following on from Carplay, CarBridge is a powerful tool that offers its users the advantage of accessing a pleasant variety of applications from their car screen. In fact, this tweak is a performance optimizer that is available to those who want it in order to provide them with speed and efficiency on a daily basis. This tool is updated on iOS 12 even though it was initially developed or set up with iOS 11. A nice way to confirm its usefulness.

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