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What is the best Carplay box?

What is the best Carplay box?

Carplay Boitier

When we talk about Apple Carplay, we are talking about an excellent technological system that gives more life to your iPhone while you are driving your car. Its interface is attractive. It allows for very simple navigation and a smooth overall experience making driving your car easier. What is a Carplay device used for? What types of Carplay boxes are there? What is the best Carplay box? The rest of the development will be organized around these main questions.


Still called a dongle or adapter, the Carplay box is used to save you from connecting your smartphone to your car before using Carplay services. In other words, the box allows you to convert your wired Carplay system into a wireless Carplay system.

The Carplay box plugs into the USB port of the car's Carplay system and acts as an intermediary between the smartphone and the vehicle via Wi-Fi. It is necessary to pair your device and the phone in order for it to work. It will not take you more than 30 seconds.

This is a particularly effective and practical solution because once you are driving your car, your phone connects spontaneously to Carplay, without the need for a wired extension. So you don't have to use a cable every time before enjoying Carplay.

Your phone can stay in your pocket for the entire trip. You'll still be able to enjoy Siri voice assistant, music, messages, calls, GPS features, and more. That's all the functionality of Apple Carplay you'll find.


There are two main types of Carplay boxes. There is the wireless Carplay adapter and the wired Carplay adapter. The box works with all iPhones from version 5 to version 13 pro Max.

However, it is essential that your car has Apple Carplay installed from the factory. Indeed, not all dongles support non-original systems. On thecarplayer.com you can find a complete list of vehicles that are compatible with Apple Carplay devices.

Wired Carplay boxes

The wired adapters have a cable with a USB port. They are compatible with Android (5.1 and later), iOS (7.1 and later) and sometimes with some car radios. After installing the Carplay application on your car radio, simply connect it through the USB port. Your driving becomes more fluid, more convenient. The wired boxes are quite smart for vehicles. With them, you get a projection of your smartphone screen (Android or iPhone).

Non-wired Carplay boxes

When your car doesn't allow you to use Carplay wirelessly, the wireless box becomes your best solution. It automatically connects to your car every time you get in. The wireless adapters support a wide range of vehicle brands. But you'll have to be careful to check the compatibility on the manual when you buy it. The wireless boxes are very easy to install and work with great efficiency. All you need is a good internet connection and you're set.

There is no single best Carplay box. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. What is certain is that each one allows you to avoid cluttering up your phone. Also, if your car already has a wireless Carplay connection, you don't need to use an adapter.

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