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What is the purpose of a DIP SWITCH on a CarPlay module?

What is the purpose of a DIP SWITCH on a CarPlay module?

Admittedly, the DIP Switch is becoming less and less popular in the lighting industry, but it can be found in most CarPlay modules. What is it used for? Why is it available in Apple's in-car compatible car stereos? We break it down.

dip switch carplay


In the lighting industry, the DIP Switch is becoming increasingly well known. Lighting engineers use it to identify the correct DMX channels to select and switch between different fixtures and other lighting devices.

As a reminder, each DIP Switch consists of at least 9 individual DIP Switches. Sometimes a tenth DIP switch is present to put the fixture in DMX mode. Note that DMX is a language used to control lighting and special effects from a controller. Each DMX-compatible fixture is able to send a signal from the lighting controller to other light sets.

Nowadays, the DIP switch is becoming less and less popular in the lighting world. Nowadays, the settings are made via a TFT or LED display, which makes it easy to change the DMX channel. Today, anyone can make the settings without knowing the binary codes.

The DIP Switch is a set of electrical switches placed in an integrated circuit package. It is also found in CarPlay modules. But what is its main function?


dip switch carplay

As we well mentioned above, the DIP Switch is also found in CarPlay modules. What does it do?

On a CarPlay module, the DIP Switch is used to adjust the screen resolution. Its role is to properly set the resolution so that CarPlay is displayed on the entire dashboard screen.

So if you're looking for a CarPlay module to put in your car, find out in advance which model has the DIP Switch function.

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