What you need to know about CarPlay and Spotify

What you need to know about CarPlay and Spotify

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Today, Spotify is one of the most popular solutions for listening to music in the car. In fact, some brands pre-install the app in their car system. Others offer streaming options via Bluetooth or a USB or auxiliary cable. There's also the option of putting Spotify on CarPlay, and that's what we're most interested in.


To give drivers with a CarPlay-compatible car radio the best in-car experience, Spotify is constantly improving its iOS app. For example, passengers in the car can add the You Daily Drive playlist, which has the unique ability to mix songs and podcasts. Drivers can also bookmark a new track without taking their eyes off the road. The driver can also click a simple button to stop playing a song or songs.


Drivers with an iPhone can put the Spotify app in car mode with Apple CarPlay. It's a very convenient and easy to set up. Indeed, the Apple CarPlay system makes it easy to connect the Apple smartphone to the vehicle's car radio so that the driver (and passengers) can listen to their favourite songs in the car. Note that Spotify's iOS app fits very well with Steve Jobs' in-car system. With CarPlay, the in-car radio becomes like a screen or music player for your iPhone. What more could you ask for?

To set Spotify on CarPlay, just follow these steps:

  • Turn on Spotify on the iPhone ;
  • Connect the iPhone to the car radio (the car radio must be compatible with CarPlay);
  • Use Siri to open and run Spotify on the car radio;

To get the most out of Spotify at the roadside, it's best to configure the app before starting the car. In addition, it is essential to use the iPhone only when allowed by law and when conditions allow for safe use. These are very important safety tips to take into account.

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