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Which Audi has Carplay?

Which Audi has Carplay?

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The Audi smartphone interface retrofit solution allows you to display the content of your smartphone directly on the MMI display via USB. Navigation, telephony, music and selected third-party apps such as Spotify can be conveniently controlled via the Audi joystick also known as the MMI Controller as well as by voice command from your smartphone. With Apple CarPlay, you won't have to give up the convenient apps and functions of your iPhone 5 or higher, even while driving in your Audi.

In the following guide, you'll also learn how to easily pair Apple CarPlay with your Audi MMI (Multi Media Interface) infotainment system and your iPhone (wirelessly or via USB cable).

You will also learn which Audi models are compatible with CarPlay and what the options are for retrofitting if you drive an older Audi model.

Please note: small differences cannot be ruled out depending on the model, equipment and year of manufacture.


  • Audi A3: 2017 - to date
  • Audi A4: 2017 - to date
  • Audi A5: 2017 - to date
  • Audi A6: 2017 - to date
  • Audi A7: 2017 - to date
  • Audi A8: 2018 - to date
  • Audi Q3: 2020 - to date
  • Audi Q4 e-tron: 2022 - to date
  • Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron: 2022 - to date
  • Audi Q5: 2018 - to date
  • Audi Q7: 2017 - to date
  • Audi Q8: 2019 - to date
  • Audi e-tron: 2019 - to date
  • Audi e-tron Sportback: 2021 - to date
  • Audi e-tron GT: 2022 - to date
  • Audi TT: 2017 - to date
  • Audi R8: 2017 - to date


Today, Android Auto has become one of the most popular and widely used automotive systems by drivers. Google's teams have redoubled their efforts to provide us with a technology that leaves no one indifferent. And for Android users out there, don't worry: the vehicles listed also offer Android Auto compatibility, so you too will have the ability to connect your smartphone to your new Audi.

But which Audi vehicles are compatible with Android Auto?

Much of the 2017 model lineup has the technology, including the 2016 Audi Q7 SUV as well as the 2018 Audi A8, 2019 Audi Q3 and 2019 Audi A1.


audi carplay 2022

Note: To pair the iPhone, you will need a USB Lightning cable, depending on the model and equipment of your Audi. The latest Audi models (e.g. Audi A3 type 8Y or A6 C8) already allow wireless use of Apple CarPlay!

Complete procedure

1. Turn on the ignition in your Audi.

2. Pair your iPhone with the Lightning USB cable and insert it into the USB slot of your Audi. Note: It is often found in the storage compartment under the armrest or in the center console.

3. If you have a late model Audi with wireless CarPlay support, make sure Bluetooth is enabled in your Audi. Then select on your iPhone: "Settings" → "General" → "CarPlay" → "Available cars" and choose your vehicle (e.g. "Audi A6"). As a rule, Audi models with rotary push buttons on the center console to control the MMI require a USB cable for CarPlay, the latest current generations with touch control only (Audi virtual cockpit) are compatible with CarPlay wirelessly!

4. After successful connection, CarPlay opens automatically after a short waiting time with the usual Apple user interface (known apps and icons). Please note that only applications approved by Apple for CarPlay are possible (e.g. music library, phone, messages, audio books). Certified third-party apps are currently Spotify, WhatsApp and Google Maps.

5. Depending on the model and equipment, apps and functions can be operated using the controls/buttons and keys, the infotainment touchscreen on the dashboard, or very easily via voice command (Apple Siri).

6. The Apple home button is located at the bottom left of the screen and allows you to return directly to the home menu by briefly pressing any function/application, as usual on Apple devices.

7. By holding down, you can activate the Siri voice command. Important: When opening some apps, Siri is automatically activated for security reasons (e.g. Messages, Maps & Phone). If music or radio is playing, Siri will also automatically lower the volume during voice transmission.

Since the iOS 14 software update, you also have the option to set the background color of the CarPlay layout on your Audi's infotainment screen. To do this, proceed as follows: In the CarPlay start menu, tap on "Settings" → "Background" and select the color of your choice. A preview image of the Start menu with the new background will then appear on the screen. Save this setting by clicking "Save". By clicking "Cancel", you will return to the color selection.

Problems encountered: Apple CarPlay in Audi, including solutions and reset

Problems: For some CarPlay functions (e.g. Maps or WhatsApp) you need an Internet connection that is as fast and constant as possible so that they run smoothly and without disruption. In this case, your iPhone acts as a computer with mobile data.

Depending on the model and equipment variant of your Audi, network access is also possible via an integrated WLAN hotspot using eSIM (Audi connect). Please note that this usually requires the purchase of a package/subscription!

When using voice control via Siri, some functions may still have small errors or misunderstandings. However, taking into account interference sources and typical traffic noise, this is still within the normal range.

Also note that just because you bought the latest brand new Audi with all the possible and unimaginable options does not mean that Apple Carplay is active and functional. Pay attention to this point, there is a difference between having the pre-equipment (Carplay capable) and actually having the option!

Checklist of possible error sources before resetting :

  1. The Lightning cable is properly connected to your iPhone and Audi (is the connector properly placed in the iPhone charging jack and in the Audi USB slot?)
  2. Possible damage to the cable (e.g., frayed or open areas of the insulation due to excessive bending or breaking of the cable)
  3. The Lightning plug of your iPhone may be blocked (lint or crumbs). You can clear the plug easily and quickly by carefully scraping it with an elongated object (e.g. a SIM card opener or a pin).
  4. Wireless CarPlay: Proper Bluetooth connection between your iPhone and Audi. Check the Bluetooth status on your iPhone as follows: "Settings" → "Bluetooth" → green button (=on) → my devices: for example "Audi A6 connected".

Often, a poor quality, short-lived USB cable is the cause of connection issues with CarPlay. We recommend the following product:


usb audi vw carplay

How to reset Carplay in Audi:

  1. Restart your iPhone and your Audi (contact).
  2. Now check if Siri is activated on the iPhone. To do this, select the following: "Settings" → "Siri & Search" → "Enable 'Hey Siri' function" (the button is green) → "Enable Siri".
  3. Then check if CarPlay is not possibly limited by default on your iPhone. In case CarPlay does not recognize your iPhone, proceed as follows: "Settings" → "Screen Time" → "Restrictions" → "Allowed Apps" → CarPlay enabled.
  4. Start your Audi MMI infotainment system. Depending on the model & equipment, select the "TEL" button to the left of your rotary knob (MMI touch terminal) on the center console → "Search for a phone" → Now, after a few moments, your Audi model should appear on the list of Bluetooth devices on your iPhone (see step 4 of the above checklist) → Select your Audi → Now, a message should light up on the screen → Select "Set up or pair" and follow the remaining instructions. Please note: make sure that the PIN codes shown on the screen of your Audi and your iPhone match!


All of our modules are plug&play and allow you to use the IOS interface on your original screen. Whether you have an Audi or another brand, we have the solution for you!

And if you have a wired Apple Carplay, that is, via the connection of a USB cable. We have the solution to enjoy Apple Carplay wirelessly by simply plugging in our wireless adapter!


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