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Why doesn't CarPlay connect anymore?

Why doesn't CarPlay connect anymore?

CarPlay is the solution most used by drivers to access their iPhone safely while driving. This platform gives them access to numerous functionalities, hence its a big success in the four corners of the globe. However, many drivers are worried that CarPlay is no longer connecting and do not know how to solve this little problem. If this is the case for you, you've come to the right place! Focus on how to connect CarPlay.

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If CarPlay no longer connects, sometimes you just need to make sure that the platform is configured correctly. To do so, here are the steps to follow:

  • Make sure your vehicle is compatible with Apple CarPlay;
  • Start the car and activate Siri;
  • Connect your iPhone with the car, via a USB or Bluetooth cable;

For more information, please refer to the manual provided with Apple CarPlay.


The configuration of your Apple CarPlay is done correctly but it is not connected? It's time to check if the platform is blocked (or not). To do so, you must follow these steps:

  • Launch "Settings", press "Screen Time" and choose "Content and Privacy Restrictions";
  • Scroll down and check if Apple CarPlay is available;
  • If so, you must turn it off!

Restart your iPhone and your car system!

If your CarPlay no longer connects with your iPhone, simply restart your iPhone. This solution could work.

Don't panic! Restarting the smartphone is an easy thing to do. It all depends on the iPhone model.

Once the phone is restarted, don't forget also to restart the system in your vehicle.

Pair the iPhone with the car!

Your CarPlay still doesn't connect? If this is the case, try pairing your iPhone with the car again this time. To do so, just:

  • Load the "Settings" menu and activate "Bluetooth";
  • Choose the Bluetooth function of your vehicle;
  • Click on the "forget this device" button;
  • Restart the phone;
  • Repair the car's system, and that's it!

By following the solutions we have just mentioned above, you will solve this little problem. Trust us!