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Youtube on Android Auto

Youtube on Android Auto

Using Youtube on Android Auto is almost impossible because of the multiple installation restrictions imposed by Google, owner of Youtube. Indeed, having Youtube on Android Auto implies that you have the possibility to watch videos while driving which is detrimental to your safety. However, there is a technique to bypass the process and install Youtube on Android Auto. Lets find out how!


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The first step towards getting Youtube on Android Auto is to make sure that both apps are installed on your mobile with the recent version. If you are used to using Youtube on your smartphone, then you don't need to bother. Similarly, if you have only one Google application installed on your phone (Gmail for example), then Youtube is already installed on your phone. You'll just have to update to be sure.

Once Youtube is installed, you can install the Android Auto application. This is what will allow you to connect your device to your vehicle. You also need to make sure that the connection to your vehicle is working properly. For those who have already used Android Auto, this is hardly a problem. Next, you will need another non-formal application in order to get Youtube videos on Android Auto. This is the Cartube application.


Cartube is an application that allows you to use Youtube features in your car, despite the restrictions of Google. To install it, you will have to use an unofficial application that allows you to install a certain category of applications not authorized by Google. This is the Android Auto Store.

To start, install the most recent version of Android Auto Store on your mobile. Once the application is installed, you open it. You will then be asked for authorization, which you must accept to continue. Inside the Android Auto Store, you'll find a list of available applications, including Cartube. Click on its icon and start downloading. This will take a while depending on the quality of your network and the size of the file.

Once the installation of Cartube is complete, open it and check the required permissions to continue the process. You will then have access to Youtube videos as on the official application. You can retrieve your Youtube data by logging in with your Google account.

Cartube is now installed on your mobile, you need to connect it to your car. To do this, connect your smartphone to your car using the Android Auto application. Then, in the list of applications on the console screen of your vehicle, open the Cartube application. This will give you access to YouTube videos, old playlists, past downloads, subscriptions, etc.

If you manage to install Cartube and access Youtube videos on Android Auto, you need to make sure that these videos do not distract you. Google has a good reason to deprive Android Auto of this feature. Don't forget it.

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