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Mercedes carplay ntg 5.5
Mercedes carplay ntg 5.5

Apple Carplay activation on Mercedes C, E and CLS class from 2018

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OBD Dongle to activate the CARPLAY function on your original Mercedes display.

Don't change your habits, use your favorite applications on your home screen thanks to Carplay.

Waze, Coyote, Siri, Google Maps, Plans, Apple Music, Spotify or Deezer…, access all this easily from your car's dashboard with the Apple Carplay option. You'll even be able to make calls, send and receive messages from your Carplay while driving.

Plug & Play, no knowledge required. Simply plug the dongle into the OBD port, your system will reboot and you can remove the dongle.

Only on NTG 5.5 HU5ES2 system.

Device specific to your chassis number.

Does not affect the manufacturer's warranty as it is based on the Mercedes original protocol.

Connect your iphone to the USB socket so that the screen switches to Iphone mode. 

Compatible models:

_ Mercedes C-Class W205 Facelift from 07.2018 (datacard code SA506)
_ Mercedes E-Class W213 from 07.2018 (datacard code SA506)
_ Mercedes E-Class W238 from 07.2018 (datacard code SA506)
_ Mercedes CLS W257 (datacard code SA506)

Reminder: Vehicles updated by the dealer from 2019 onwards are not compatible with this dongle. Does not work with option code SA531.

The dongle activates:

Simple installation and Plug & Play.

In addition, we will send you the Carplay protocol against your chassis number (VIN) that you provide us.
The VIN is the serial number of the vehicle (box E. of your vehicle registration document).

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