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apple carplay infinity q50 xq50 q50l q60
apple carplay infinity q50 xq50 q50l q60
apple carplay infinity q50 xq50 q50l q60

Apple Carplay for Infiniti Q50, Q50L, XQ50 and Q60

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Apple Carplay module for your Infiniti 2015-2019.

Don't change your ways, use your preferred applications on your original screen with Carplay . 

Waze , Coyote , Siri , Google Maps , Plans , Apple Music , Spotify or Deezer ..., access it all easily from the dashboard of your car with this Infiniti  Apple Carplay module. It's even possible to make calls, send or receive messages from your Apple Carplay module while driving ... Steering wheel controls are 100% compatible!           

New: Wireless Apple Carplay!

Compatible models:

_ Infiniti Q50 from 2014 to 2019
_ Infiniti Q50L from 2014 to 2019
_ Infiniti XQ50 from 2015 to 2019
_ Infiniti Q60 from 2015 to 2019

Our modules are compatible :
apple carplay android auto mirrorlink
Entirely compatible with the car, this Infiniti  Wireless Apple Carplay module is easily and quickly installed it. You don't need to cut wires or harnesses nor to realize adjustments for its installation, it's Plug & Play .   

This module will fit perfectly into your vehicle like if it was equipped with the original Carplay option. The installation of this device is simply carried out while connecting the connectors with those of your vehicle.

Furthermore, we will send you the Carplay module based on your chassis number (VIN) that you provide us. The VIN is the serial number of your vehicle.

 Use your OEM Infiniti screen to navigate through the Carplay menu.   

NB: Module that also allows the installation of the backup / front-view camera.