6 New Features Added to CarPlay in iOS 18

6 New Features Added to CarPlay in iOS 18

iOS 18 Apple CarPlay

Apple did not discuss CarPlay during its WWDC keynote this week, but iOS 18 brings a few new features to the in-car software.

Overall, CarPlay on iOS 18 doesn't introduce many changes, with updates primarily focused on the Messages and Settings apps.

Here is a summary of what's new for CarPlay in iOS 18.

Contact Photos in Messages App

iOS 18 introduces contact photos next to names in the Messages app, simplifying the identification of conversations at a glance.

Messages app Carplay

The contact photos are also visible in Messages app notifications.

Messages app notifications

Silent Mode Settings

In the Settings app, you can now set Silent mode on your iPhone to automatically activate or deactivate when connected to CarPlay.

Silent Mode Settings

Color Filters

Apple has brought Color Filters to CarPlay. This accessibility feature aids individuals with color blindness in distinguishing colors on the CarPlay interface.

Color Filters

There is a grayscale option and three other color filters available to choose from.

three color filters

Voice Control

Voice Control is a new accessibility feature that lets you manage CarPlay entirely using Siri voice commands via a connected iPhone.

Voice Control

Sound Recognition

Sound Recognition is being added to CarPlay, offering notifications for driving-related sounds like car horns and sirens. This feature is particularly helpful for drivers or passengers who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Sound Recognition CarPlay

Sports Score Card via Siri

When you ask Siri for a sports score, a card will now appear on the CarPlay interface. This functionality currently supports at least the NBA and NHL.

Sports Score Card via Siri

Next-Generation CarPlay

During WWDC 2024, Apple unveiled updated images of the next-generation CarPlay, showcasing new Vehicle, Media, and Climate apps on the screen for the first time.

The next-generation CarPlay will offer extensive customization options, enabling automakers to uniquely tailor the system's design to their vehicles. Apple presented a range of design options and layouts that will be available to automakers.

Next gen CarPlay

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