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Android Auto with Bluetooth?

Android Auto with Bluetooth?

android auto configuration wireless


Android Auto is one of the most popular systems for drivers around the world. The technology developed by Google offers dozens of very useful features on board a vehicle. To take advantage of them, simply use a USB cable to connect your smartphone. But what about the wireless connection? Is it possible to connect the vehicle and Android Auto via Bluetooth? Lets take a look!


Unfortunately, it is not possible to connect some smartphones with Android Auto via Bluetooth. In most cases, the user must use an USB cable.

To check your compatibility, do not hesitate to contact the brand of your phone or your dealer.

Warning! Choosing an Android Auto cable is not an easy thing. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, choose an original cable from the brand of your smartphone!


Before connecting Android Auto with your vehicle via Bluetooth, make sure your car radio is compatible with Google technology first. Also, don't forget to check that the phone is running Android 10. If so, you won't need to download Android Auto. If not, you'll need to download it from the Play Store.

To connect the phone to the car via Bluetooth, leave it on during setup, along with Wi-Fi and location-based services. Please note that the vehicle must be stationary to set up Android Auto before driving.

Once Bluetooth is enabled on your phone, all you need to do is link it to the Android Auto system. To do this, simply manipulate the dashboard screen, just like you do on a smartphone. It's simple!

That's it, you know how to link Android Auto with your vehicle via Bluetooth. All you have to do is check if your smartphone is compatible. If not, just use an USB cable.

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