Which cable for Android Auto?

Which cable for Android Auto?

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Does your vehicle have Android Auto? Have you just installed it in your car? If so, you should know that choosing the right cable is not an easy thing. So, which cable do you use for Android Auto? We will take a closer look at it!


Since its launch, Google's Android Auto has been gaining popularity around the world. It is increasingly appreciated by drivers, and not for nothing. The system offers motorists many options, which improves their comfort on board and further enhances their safety.

Note that Android Auto does not necessarily require a car with an onboard screen to work. Users can launch the system on their smartphone and hang it on their windshield to take advantage of all the benefits offered by this technology developed by the Mountain View firm, including voice commands to control the phone. For example, Android Auto can be controlled by voice.


Watch out! Choosing an Android auto cable is not an easy thing. Of course, it is possible to use an entry-level model that can be ordered for a few euros, but in this case, be aware that Google's system will no longer work. What can I do?

To link your smartphone to the vehicle's dashboard, it is strongly recommended that you buy an original cable. Preferably, choose the models provided by the brand of your smartphone. If you have a Samsung phone, for example, push the doors of a Chinese brand store to order a quality cable. Of course, the price is relatively expensive, but quality comes at a price.

To establish the connection with Android Auto, Google strongly recommends the use of a high quality original USB cable. Otherwise, the connection will not take place. Don't be stingy and order an original cable!

As a reminder, Android Auto also works wirelessly, via the car's WiFi, but only on certain Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Thus, the user can project the interface of the in-car system on the dashboard screen without using a cable.

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