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Android Auto with Android 10

Android Auto with Android 10

android auto sans fil

Compatible with more than 500 vehicle and radio models, Android Auto is among the most popular technologies for drivers. With the Android 10 version, Google's OS for automotive offers new features. So, Android Auto and Android 10, what do you need to know?


If your smartphone runs Android 10, you won't need to download a separate app from the Play Store to use Android Auto in your car. Otherwise, you will need to install Android Auto on your phone.

Google's OS version 10 downloads the Android Auto application. A news that will undoubtedly appeal to many drivers, especially those who do not have enough storage space on their phone.

With the Android 10 version of Google's OS, the user benefits from several features provided by Android Auto. In addition to the basic options, the system further improves driving and makes drivers safer. We will take a look!


With Android 10, the driver benefits from several features on his Android Auto. They can use the Google Assistant to get help, search for directions, listen to their favorite songs, check the weather forecast, etc. So all they have to do is keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel. He won't need to touch his smartphone, let alone the screen of his car radio.

Android Auto displays all the information on the vehicle's dashboard. Just use the voice commands, and that's it.

With Android 10, the OS interface is very pleasant and easy to use. To tell the truth, there's nothing complicated about it! Google's engineers have put a lot of effort into providing drivers with an interface that meets their expectations. Challenge accomplished!

As a reminder, Google updated its OS on Tuesday, September 8, 2020. The final version of the OS, called Android 11, offers several new features. To take advantage of them, all you need is a smartphone compatible with the latest update.

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