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Carplay in Audi A1

Carplay in Audi A1

Do you have a screen in your beautiful Audi A1 but you don't have navigation? Worry not, because Apple Carplay has got you covered. With the installation of Carplay you gain access to many great applications such as Waze, Google Maps, Spotify and many more!

It's even possible to make calls, send or receive messages from your Apple Carplay module while driving... Steering wheel controls are 100% compatible!

Note: Touch screen control doesn’t work with A1 equipped with MMI head unit. (touch control is installed by adding a touch screen overlay to the factory screen and this is optional)

Compatible with Front and Rear view Cameras

Apple Carplay provides compatibility that's going to help you install Front and Rear view cameras. 

The Rear view camera gets attached to the trunk handle and it provides added security of parking. 

You can use our rear view camera which is found on the following link: HERE  

As for the front view camera it is integrated into the logo of your Audi front grille.

You can use our front view camera which is found on the following link: HERE 

Remember CarPlay was never an option on this breed of vehicle from factory!

In this system you can use applications which can be downloaded for free from iTunes. After installing it, you will see a menu of options at the bottom of the screen. You need to select "carplay" from the list and which will launch the application. From there, just follow the instructions on the screen.

You can find our Apple Carplay module for Audi A1 on the following link: HERE

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