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Carplay when to update?

Carplay when to update?

Updating Apple Carplay

So you've just ordered an Apple Carplay aftermarket system. How will that get updated to feature Google Maps? Will there be a firmware update to install? Do you just have to update you iPhone?

The headunit is basically just a screen. All of the interface is driven by the iPhone. So as long as your headunit knows how to “talk” to your iPhone already for CarPlay, there’s nothing more to be done except to update your iPhone and Google Maps when they come out.

This is part of the beauty of CarPlay, in that it future-proofs the car since the functionality is “upgradable” through just the phone.

Part of the benefit of these CarPlay / Android Auto systems is you no longer have to rely on your car manufacturer to provide updates to your infotainment system. That’s why CarPlay updates alongside iOS, no intervention needed by the manufacturer.

You should always wait for Google Maps / Waze / Spotify etc to update their apps with the new CarPlay integrations. There's no point rushing on the beta train; these updates won't be out til at least the public launch.

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