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Genuine Apple Carplay VS GPS


Too slow, not up to date (and yes, updates cost a fortune), our Iphone is much better...

It's normal, the reality is that indeed, your Iphone is "much better" :D

The iphone has been studied for, the GPS of the Iphone "Plan" and is already very powerful by integrating the "real time". In addition to it, you also liked Google Maps, but also Waze, which is the little baby of Google Maps (same company).

The worst thing in this context is having the original GPS and having to take out your iPhone to find the address. Having the GPS screen on and having to "suck out" your iPhone next to it, it's so kitsch!

Today, with Apple Carplay, you can use your GPS applications, maps, google maps or waze directly on your original screen with the steering via the original scroll joystick, exactly as you drive your original GPS.
Having the iphone in its original screen, limited like an Ipad, is really better.

carplay BMW
"To try it is to adopt it", here Google Maps on a BMW screen.

If you like Apple because of its speed, performance and usability, you'll be totally delighted to welcome Apple Carplay in your car.
We now offer Apple Carplay for Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche.
Later we will add systems for other premium brands.