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How to play a video on Apple CarPlay?

How to play a video on Apple CarPlay?

What is Apple Carplay?

Apple CarPlay is a new way to integrate your car stereo with your iPhone.

Apple CarPlay mimics your iPhone display on a compatible stereo and lets you easily and safely use your phone in the car. You can get turn-by-turn directions, make calls and send and receive messages, and listen to music all in a way that lets you stay focused on the road.

Is playing videos on Apple Carplay possible?

You can’t. There’s really no more detailed answer here than to say that this isn’t even possible, at least not on a stock iPhone. CarPlay only supports certain apps, and only transmits to the in-car display what those apps tell it to.

For obvious safety and legal reasons, Apple will never support video playback via CarPlay.

it could very theoretically be possible on a jailbroken iPhone, as the CarPlay UI is generated by the iPhone itself, but you’d still have to find an app in the jailbreaking community that could do that for you — merely jailbreaking won’t magically enable that capability, but would merely allow for an app that might be able to access the CarPlay UI and transmit video to it. However, the practice of jailbreaking is mostly dead now, and so is the community of app developers.

That said, if you’re looking for a way to transmit video from and iPhone to an in-car entertainment display, such as for your kids in the back seat, you can purchase something like Apple’s Lightning to HDMI adapter or another third-party video adapter and just plug it right into your system. No CarPlay required in this case — it’s just straight video output that mirrors whatever is on your iPhone’s screen.

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