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Solution for starting Android Auto on MIUI

Solution for starting Android Auto on MIUI

[TUTORIAL] Solución al iniciar Android Auto en MIUI

Today we bring you an article that perhaps for more than one is a headache, the theme of Android Auto in MIUI. We bring you a solution for when the application won't start and is giving you an error.

First of all say that right now I have the Xiaomi Mi9 and I was with the same problem I had with the Mi6. I always thought that the problem I had in the Mi6 with Android Auto was that I had the Beta ROM and maybe that's why it did not work with Android Auto.

But after having the Mi9 with the Global ROM stable I had the same problem, so I discarded the issue of the ROM. I no longer knew what to do, I was desperate in Mi9, I tried everything, permissions to everything, automatic access, etc.. But I always had the same error, until I found the solution! Its the dual applications that cause the problem.

First error

Well, the first error I found was that suddenly when opening the APP of Android Auto (eye!, I do not talk about connecting it to the car, if not open the APP with the mobile), I skipped this error:

I had no way to fix this error, I opened the Android Auto application thousands of times and it always popped. Well the solution is to clear the cache of the "Google Services" APP, to do this we will do the following:

We go to Settings--Installed Applications--We click the 3 dots in the top right and select Show all applications, so we have all the APPS that are in the mobile (the system included) in this section.

Now in the search engine we write "Google Play Services", we open the APP and we click "Data Cleaning--Cache Cleaning"

In this way we get the error when opening the Android Auto APP fixed and now correctly start the application on the mobile.

Second error

Well, now I am going to explain the most common error that I have seen since Android Auto came to light and I have it in MIUI, an error that appears when connecting the mobile to the car.

Well this error is due to having dual applications on the system . But wait .. Do you want to tell me that if I want to have Android Auto I won't be able to have dual applications? . The answer is .. NO!

Well, if you have already reached the point where your mobile phone gets this error and you have realized that you have dual applications, what you have to do is:

  • Uninstall the dual applications that you have installed.
  • Now we have to delete all the residuals of the dual APPs (just deleting them is not enough!), For this we go to Settings - Dual Applications
  • Now we click the settings icon, the gear icon that is on the top right.
  • In the options that show afterwards, we click on Delete dual application accounts
  • We will get a warning and we will have to wait 5 seconds, once the countdown is finished we click on Delete and restart . What it does is delete all the cache that has remained in the mobile of the dual applications that we have installed, and at the end the mobile will restart.

Once the mobile has restarted, we only have to plug the mobile into the car and voila! We already have Android Auto working correctly !!

NOTE: you can NOT have dual applications that install Google Play Services, since we would have the same error again. At the moment there is no solution to have dual applications that require the installation of Google Play Services (those applications that can be created dually without installing Google Play services, there is no problems)

And this is all Mi Fans! I hope it helps more than one of you and avoids headaches, but in the end everything has a solution !!

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