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What is the best smartphone compatible with Android Auto?

What is the best smartphone compatible with Android Auto?

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Android Auto is just a boon to road safety. This Android application allows you to access your smartphone in your car without having to handle it. But first, the smartphone must be compatible with Android Auto available in your car. So far, what is the best Android Auto compatible smartphone? Stay focused to find out more.


Until 2017, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel are the best Android brands manifesting strong Android Auto compatibility. On the other hand, despite the wired connection initiated to facilitate access to Android Auto, few smartphone brands actually take advantage of it. We often notice dissonance in terms of connection with a rather low quality in use. Only the Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel brands manage to access this connection mode properly. In fact, they even offer a wireless connection to the wireless version of Android Auto. With these smartphones, you are guaranteed to navigate your car without fear of dissonance or interference. A Google smartphone or a Samsung Galaxy with Android version 10.0 can easily connect to Android Auto. You'll even see the Android Auto application available for direct download in the Playstore of these smartphones. In fact, even a Samsung Galaxy S8+ or a Note 8 with Android version 9.0 can easily access the car application.


A while ago, several car manufacturers started integrating Android Auto into new vehicle models. Some behemoths have even integrated the wireless version of Android Auto into the digital cockpit. This way, the connection with smartphones could happen wirelessly. However, this form of innovation limited several smartphone brands in terms of Android Auto compatibility.

As a result, Google has developed the new version of the Android ecosystem. This is the Android 11 version that directly integrates wireless compatibility with Android Auto. As a result, all brands of smartphones that include this version could connect wirelessly to Android Auto. This is a way to allow many drivers to enjoy the wonders of the application without necessarily changing smartphones.


Today, wireless connection to Android Auto in its wireless version is prioritized in new vehicle models. However, the wireless connection is known to be energy consuming as it quickly drains the smartphone batteries. The best smartphone compatible with Android Auto must therefore integrate a second parameter. This includes a good battery life. A smartphone with a battery with at least 5 mA.H is more appropriate. Still, the car must be compatible to achieve this. Otherwise, it is possible to buy an Android Auto head unit and install it in the car.

In summary, the best Android Auto compatible smartphone is the one with an Android 11 version and a good battery life. All you need to do is connect it to a compatible car and you're done.

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