Apple Carplay in Sweden

Apple Carplay in Sweden

Sweden Carplay

Buying a car is no longer just about the engine and the number of seats. Infotainment is now every car buyer's top concern. Apple CarPlay provides easy access to all of your phone's features on the dashboard. Spotlight on Carplay is available in Sweden.


If you're from Sweden and you're a huge fan of the Apple brand, we have good news for you. You can also access the features of the Apple Carplay app from your country of residence. While the Apple Carplay feature used to be more readily available in mostly European countries and the US, installing Carplay and using its features is a perk available to residents of Sweden as well. In fact, automakers have done their best to meet the challenge by developing Carplay-enabled models. Of course, these are the latest models currently hitting the market. Also, if you own an older car, you should know that the city of Stockholm has several Carplay installers, and that these are also available in Swedish, the country's official language.

APPLE CARPLAY Essential Accessories

Carplay is an app that makes driving a very enjoyable experience. Thanks to Carplay, drivers can use the software to make calls, get turn-by-turn directions, listen to podcasts or music, send and receive text messages, and more. Functionality is presented in a convenient interface, instantly recognizable with large icons that iPhone fanatics will love.
Additionally, most of CarPlay's features can be accessed through Siri, Apple's digital assistant. So the driver can dictate commands and the assistant can carry them out, making things easier. For example, a driver can say "Call Ulf," "Get directions to Gothenburg," etc., and Siri will obey. Alternatively, drivers whose vehicles don't have voice recognition technology can use a dashboard-mounted touchscreen to navigate the software. You can also use various buttons on the vehicle's center console and steering wheel. Because the software's goal is to reduce distractions, the iPhone's screen automatically locks when CarPlay is enabled.

Also, some third-party apps are compatible with CarPlay. Some of the best CarPlay apps for iPhone include Spotify, Pandora, Waze, WhatsApp, Amazon Music, and more. Surprisingly, Apple CarPlay also supports some apps developed by rival Google. Both Google Play Music and Google Maps can be accessed through the software.
However, vehicle settings are not part of CarPlay. For example, drivers are prompted to exit Carplay before adjusting the car's climate controls, selecting a different driving mode, or browsing radio stations.

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