How do I use Apple Carplay in my ID3?

How do I use Apple Carplay in my ID3?

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Happy owner of the German electric city car named Volkswagen ID3 and also owner of an Apple Iphone, you absolutely want to know how to use Carplay in your car, let's see here how to do it!


Connect your iPhone to the USB port of the VW ID3 using an Apple approved Lightning to USB cable. It's all done in just 3 steps!

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  1. Tap Authorize on your iPhone when prompted. This allows you to use CarPlay with ID3 when the phone is locked.
  2. A prompt appears on the ID3 touchscreen, "Do you want to connect Apple CarPlay?". Tap Connect.
  3. After a few moments, CarPlay will automatically start on the infotainment system screen.

If CarPlay does not start automatically on your ID.3 after connecting the USB cable, tap the Apple CarPlay icon on the home screen or in the list of available apps.

To the extent that you don't know which USB port supports CarPlay on your version of ID.3, check your vehicle's owner's manual. You can also try plugging the cables into all the USB ports on the dash and center console, one at a time.


If Apple CarPlay does not start on your ID.3 when the USB cable is plugged in and the CarPlay icon does not appear in the list of apps in the infotainment system, this may be due to several reasons:

CarPlay may be disabled on your iPhone, go to "Settings> Screen Time> Content and Privacy Restrictions> Allowed Apps" and enable CarPlay and Siri.
There is a problem with the Lightning to USB cable you are using. Try a different cable, preferably an original Apple cable.
The USB port to which the ID.3 is connected does not support CarPlay. Try another USB port.
A software issue is causing problems with CarPlay. Factory reset the ID.3's infotainment system, but this last solution is the least likely.

In case you want to do without a USB cable so you can have Carplay in your ID3 and enjoy a wireless connection, just plug our wireless adapter into the USB port intended for Carplay and Apple Carplay will finally become wireless!

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