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Apple Carplay or Android Auto? Which is better?

Apple Carplay or Android Auto? Which is better?

apple carplay vs android auto

Many of you are wondering whether it is the best integrated system, Apple Carplay or Android Auto?
Some will say it's the same but there are some differences...


apple carplay.fr

Apple Carplay is designed for Apple Iphone systems and Android Auto system for Android smartphones such as Samsung, Honor, Huawei, HTC, ...

Apart from this difference, the Apple Carplay has a much more advanced interface than its competitor since it offers more compatible applications.

Our experts were even able to note a better reactivity of the applications.

Of course it all depends on the phone. For example, an Iphone 6 will be less efficient than an Iphone X.

With Apple Carplay, you "really" find your phone on it, the applications are perfectly distinct. A little reminder, not all applications are present and Carplay compatible due to the "worldwide" legislation concerning video on the move like YouTube, Molotov TV or Netflix ...

Android Auto première version

Android Auto stands out for its multiple compatibility since several Google "Android" compatible brands are concerned by this point.

It's clearly THE Apple Carplay competition, there's no other :)

No experts have also tested the Android Auto interface, which is functional but much less intuitive than the Apple interface. Indeed, when you launch it, you won't have icons like on the Iphone but an interface that will split into 4 modes : calls, gps, music and settings.

UPDATE (27/08/2019):

Android Auto releases its new version more intuitive than the first one by taking the logic of Apple with its panel of applications on the home screen.

Android Auto nouvelle version

Android Auto is preparing for the arrival of Apple's IOS13 with new features (scheduled for October 2019).

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