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Carplay and Snapchat

Carplay and Snapchat


Snapchat usage

If you've ever tried to record a Snapchat video of a song playing in your car, you know that it's impossible to do if the song is playing on the same device that you're Snapchatting with.

After some time Snapchat has updated its iOS app to include CallKit integration, which makes placing and receiving calls through the social network a more fluid, and standardized experience. Snapchat joins apps from Facebook, Microsoft, and Google by using CallKit in a communication app.

Calls from a Snapchat contact will appear on an iPhone the same way a regular network call would, and records are stored in the Recents list, making them easier to keep track of. Previously, Snapchat sent a push notification to alert users of an incoming call.

The use of CallKit also lets Snapchat integrate with CarPlay, Apple’s in-car entertainment platform. Calls are also display on the screen in the car, with an appearance similar to a FaceTime call.

To use Snapchat’s CallKit features, apps should be updated to version 10.44, which is available from the App Store now.

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