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Carplay for professionals

CarPlay for professionals

The car radio is now an essential item to have in your car. We spend a lot of time in our cars: to go to work, to pick up the kids, to do the shopping, to go to the hospital; moreover, we also need to be permanently in direct contact with our home, our place of service, our family, our friends. The hyper-connected world in which we live leaves few time slots available. In order not to be handicapped while driving, there are multimedia car radios that will help you keep in touch while being away from your smartphone for your own safety; CarPlay is one of them. So how does it work? How is it useful for professionals? This article provides details on how it works and its benefits.

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To all those who have previously dreamed of being able to use their smartphone and drive simultaneously and safely: your wishes have come true. CarPlay is that feature compatible with your multimedia radio that allows you to perform certain actions with your (Apple-branded) phone while driving, without touching it. CarPlay is therefore an iOS version for cars.

CarPlay's functionalities are very numerous. You can concretely:

  • Use Siri (Apple's voice assistant) and give him instructions ;
  • Making a hands-free phone call;
  • Listen to music via iTunes Radio or the iTunes library;
  • Chatting via iMessage;
  • Get directions with GPS navigation (Apple Maps);
  • Listen to podcasts via Apple Podcasts.
In addition, some applications are compatible with CarPlay, including Waze, Coyote, Spotify, WhatsApp, Deezer, and Google Maps. These broaden the range of possibilities with CarPlay. Also, several makes and models of vehicles are compatible with CarPlay.


CarPlay is a real companion for professionals. The digital world in which we live demands availability at all times. How can CarPlay help you in your professional life? Case study.

For those who work in a job that requires both being on the road and meeting deadlines (e.g. parcel deliverers), avoiding traffic congestion is crucial. And to do this, knowing your route in advance becomes necessary; Waze is an excellent application to be on time! Thanks to it, you will have access to Info Traffic; you will optimize your trips to the maximum. It helps you to avoid congested roads, to avoid uneven areas, to calculate the travel time from point A to B. That's where it gets interesting! Waze is compatible with CarPlay, so you won't need to stop at any time to check your phone, with all the risks and delays. Only your voice is needed, the voice assistant takes care of everything. You will be able to drive serenely towards your goal.

CarPlay is a real plus in the professional field, especially when you are on the road. Test it and adopt it!

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