Carplay in a Harley Davidson

Carplay in a Harley Davidson

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Apple Carplay is the traveler's companion. It obeys his every command and provides him with everything he needs to feel comfortable. Carplay was originally designed for modern cars. But this tool has proven to be so effective that it is already possible to have it in different devices. So, if you are a fan of big cars and you have a Harley Davidson in your possession, you can enjoy Carplay! Let's find out how you should go about it without further ado.


For a long time, we have been made aware of the dangers of using cell phones on the road. This is an act that should be encouraged. Since we must recognize that the cell phone distracts us and when it is on the road, the news is often not so good. So Carplay comes to allow you to use your smartphone in a safer way while being on the road. The idea is to make all the features of your cell phone available to the driver, offering exemplary assistance in autonomous driving. Simply put, Carplay exists to make life less complicated for road users.


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This realization will make you taste the pleasures of digital. In addition to benefiting from quality infotainment, it will be easier for you to perform certain actions from the handlebars of your motorcycle. Carplay will allow you, for example, to:

  • Make calls without having to pull over or worry about losing points on your license;
  • Send text messages to family and friends;
  • Control Pandora, Spotify and many other phone applications;
  • Play music with peace of mind;
  • Enjoy AM and FM receivers for a great digital multimedia experience;
  • Play files via USB stick;
  • Control the subwoofer;
  • Use the camera to capture your adventure on the road;
  • Control the speed.


Harley Davidson motorcycles are known to be true purveyors of power and speed. It is therefore necessary to make their use more comfortable with the Apple Carplay tool. To do this, you should necessarily install the Carplay module on your bike. The Apple Carplay decoder is Plug and Play. So, you will not have to make any great efforts to install it. In addition, it comes with a full set of accessories and a user manual that will prove to be very useful. Once you have completed the installation of Carplay on your Harley Davidson, all that remains is to connect your iPhone to the interface of the device. So how do you do it? Simply follow the process below:

  • You must have at least an iPhone 5;
  • Turn on the Bluetooth mode on the device;
  • Go to the Apple Carplay platform and search for your phone and select it;
  • Confirm the connection sharing by making sure that the connection icon is displayed on the screen

You can now use the touch interface of your Harley Davidson to perform your various actions.

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