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New Audi Q4 Sportback without Carplay: Yes it exists!

New Audi Q4 Sportback without Carplay: Yes it exists!

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The giants of the automotive industry are striving day by day to provide consumers with vehicles that can make their lives easier. The brand new Audi e-tron Q4 Sportback has just been introduced by the firm with four rings. It is equipped with breathtaking features that have earned it a certain reputation in the market. While all recent vehicle models are equipped with the Carplay connectivity tool, the Sportback does not conform to the rule. Find out in this article what it's really like.


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This fully electric SUV has been on the market since the middle of June. It's a model that meets all your needs while outranking many other automotive equipment. The Audi Q4 Sportback stands out for its versatility and its use perfectly meets the expectations of many. So what does this automotive feat look like?

A high-end design for a deserved comfort

What strikes you at first sight of this vehicle is its design. Indeed, with the Q4 Sportback e-tron, the German company is improving the aesthetic image of its electric models. First of all, the exterior of the vehicle leaves no one indifferent. It is worth noting the impressive body lines that are presented with care and precision. Large wheels, muscles, overhangs, and many others are designed in the best conditions. As for the surfaces of the vehicle, they are clear and very clean while the avant-garde style is clearly intrinsic to the brand. In a word, this car has a design that considers it a device that has come down from the sky.

Features that defy the odds

What makes this SUV so great is that it offers a whole new driving experience. Local emissions are non-existent for superior capabilities. It has a powerful range that allows it to go over 520 kilometers on a single battery charge. And in just ten minutes, it can be recharged to travel about 130 kilometers. In terms of electromobility, this is the vehicle that best meets your needs. Very practical in all circumstances, the Q4 Sportback is equipped with very sophisticated technology. It features a control panel that allows you to enjoy a very advanced infotainment system. With the help of the central touchscreen, you will benefit from guided assistance to combine driving and comfort.


The brand's goal is very simple: to offer an electric vehicle that stands on its own. It's no longer a secret that Carplay is a tool that ensures optimal control of your car. It's the perfect compromise for enjoying autonomous driving while doing other things. The Q4 Sportback has all the features you need to keep your car running smoothly. It has an on-board screen that has the same functionality as Carplay. However, depending on your needs, you can always use Apple Carplay wirelessly. All in all, the Q4 Sportback is 100 percent autonomous, but it doesn't hold you back in your choices.

In short, the Audi Q4 Sportback fits into your everyday life and makes it more comfortable. In view of its remarkable qualities, it is clear that it is the vehicle of the future.

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