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Carplay in a Scania truck

Carplay in a Scania truck

scania carplay

Apple Carplay has proven to be very effective in autonomous driving. This is the reason why the players in the automotive industry are doing their best to have it in their various designs, to further satisfy the needs of the public. And the most interesting thing is that the big rigs too are able to taste the wonders of Carplay. Scania has already taken the necessary steps to equip its trucks with Carplay. What does it look like? Find out everything there is to know about it in this article.


In a world where infotainment is increasingly in demand, Carplay has carved out a place for itself among the tools that are essential to the survival of automotive technology. It's a proprietary feature from Apple that allows vehicles to respond more efficiently, while providing the driver with the necessary tools to stay in control behind the wheel. But what makes the merit of Carplay is that this technological marvel offers the user access to a maximum number of features of his smartphone while driving. This is very convenient for answering urgent office calls, staying in touch with clients, keeping track of your social media presence and much more. Simply put, Apple Carplay is the perfect way to drive safely without getting bored.


Announced since the first half of 2017 by the Swedish manufacturer, the Apple Carplay once arranged in the Scania Truck has not demerited at all. This device has allowed many truckers to cover more distances without the slightest worry. Carplay indeed offers a slew of features to drivers among which we should distinguish among others:

  • Full access to the cell phone with the ability to use different applications;
  • Make and receive phone calls without any disruption;
  • Benefit from navigation plans to avoid traffic jams and other unfortunate situations;
  • Play numerous multimedia contents for more relaxation;
  • Have full access to the camera;
  • Follow your favorite programs while working;
  • Use the Siri voice command with all its advantages;
  • Browse the Internet faster.


The Swedish giant has added to this model a 7-inch screen, with a USB port to facilitate the connection of the cell phone to the vehicle interface. Thus, you should have an iPhone necessarily embedding the iOS 7.1 version at least. Without this, unfortunately, you can not enjoy Carplay. The iPhone will be connected to the socket of the Scania Truck via an original cable. To do this, use your phone's charger by plugging one end to the charging end and the other to the USB power supply of the Scania. And if you're more of a wireless person, you can always use Bluetooth to connect the iPhone to the truck. That's all you need to get Carplay functionality in your Scania.

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