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How do I install Carplay in my Touareg?

How do I install Carplay in my Touareg?

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We are in an era where the cell phone has become our best companion. Wherever we are and whenever we want, we have it with us. But, it is very unadvisable to be behind the wheel while handling your smartphone. It can get us into trouble. So, the American giant Apple has developed a technology that allows you to establish an interaction between your phone and the Volkswagen Touareg. How to take advantage of this feature? This article tells you everything you need to know to get out of it.


As the name suggests, it's a tool that, once installed in your Touareg, will help you enjoy your smartphone while driving with ease. With Carplay, you have the ability to control your phone via the dashboard. It's a great way to combine driving and entertainment in a safe way.


Before trying to understand the ideal process to install the Carplay application in your Touareg, let's first discuss the reasons why you should use this tool. Indeed, we have to admit that most traffic accidents are due to the fact that drivers use their mobiles while driving. This distracts them and unfortunately puts them in undesirable situations. Carplay is used to:

  • Provide guided assistance while driving your Touareg;
  • Have control of your iPhone while driving;
  • Send messages to your loved ones in complete privacy;
  • Have access to the Siri voice command;
  • Make and receive calls;
  • Have an idea of the traffic situation in order to change course wisely;
  • Adopt good driving habits and avoid losing points on your license;
  • Avoid traffic accidents, etc.


However, you should know that installing Carplay in your Touareg is easy and will only take a few minutes. You need to:

You have 2 possible solutions:

Install a Carplay module for Touareg from 2010

The Carplay module will allow you to keep your original screen, touchscreen, steering wheel controls, use of the Volkswagen menu, ... while being able to, at any time, launch Apple Carplay / Android Auto directly on your screen. The module is of course available on our store.

Here is a video of Carplay in action:

Install a Carplay compatible GPS for pre-2010 Touareg

If you have a slightly older vehicle, there is also a solution for you which is to replace your current set with an Apple Carplay compatible Android set.

The installation is done simply by taking out your current set and replacing it with the new set by simply connecting the power plug to the original one. Nothing very complicated.

carplay touareg 2008


Starting up your Touareg

You are asked to start your vehicle in order to establish a perfect connection with the application.

Enable Carplay on your Touareg

There are two different methods to activate Carplay on your Touareg. The first is to use the USB port while the second is to use Bluetooth.

Via the USB port

In this case, all you have to do is use the charger cable from your iPhone, which you will then connect to your Touareg via the USB port. A connection icon will appear once the connection is established.

Via Bluetooth

In the second case, you should first turn on the Bluetooth mode of your iPhone. After that, you'll start searching for Bluetooth devices from the console of your Volkswagen Touareg. A list will be presented to you and you will just have to select your device. Finally, you should confirm the sharing of the Bluetooth connection from your iPhone. And once finished, an icon will also appear on your Touareg to confirm the installation.

All in all, Carplay installs in no time on your Touareg and is immediately operational. To use it, use the menu that is offered to you and access your favorite applications.

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