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How to install Carplay in a Volvo SX60

How to install Carplay in a Volvo SX60

carplay xc60

We are living in an age of infotainment. Yes, you can already be behind the wheel and still be informed and entertained. Carplay is the tool that makes this possible and works on different car models. If you have a Volvo XC60 for example, you can enjoy the performance of Carplay. So how do you install it? What are the criteria you need to observe? Find out in this section everything you need to know to get started.


carplay volvo

The Carplay tool is known to offer a masterful assistance to the driving of your Volvo XC60. With it, you'll have a whole new experience with your car. With Carplay, the days of being distracted on the road are over. Gone are the days when you have to pull over to the side of the road to answer a call or an urgent text. It is a device that, in addition to securing your driving, allows you to use your iPhone as you wish. Among its features, we can distinguish among others:

  • Fully controlled access to your phone while driving your XC60;
  • Enjoy your favorite iPhone applications from behind the wheel of your SUV;
  • Use the navigation service to choose the right course;
  • Interact with your friends and family;
  • Enjoy your multimedia content;
  • Use Siri ;
  • Take pictures or videos, etc.


Installing Carplay in your SUV is a snap if you follow the steps exactly. But before you start, there are a number of prerequisites that must be met to ensure success.


You should be in possession of an iPhone 5 at least or any other model with iOS 7.1 and above. Also, your Volvo should be a 2018 model year or any later model.

Steps to a successful installation

First, make sure you enable Carplay and Siri voice command on your iPhone. Then, set the Home option for Siri under the Siri & Search feature by accessing your iPhone settings. In case you can't do it, go to: Settings/Screen Time/Content and Privacy/Allowed apps/ then enable Carplay and Siri & Search.

  • Connect your smartphone to your Volvo XC60 via the USB port using an original cable. You can try all the USB ports one by one to find the right one. The vehicle manual will give you more information.
  • Access Carplay from the "Applications" menu on your Volvo XC60 and accept the terms and conditions;
  • Confirm the pairing by validating the allow option on your iPhone if asked. This will allow you to use your iPhone with your SUV even if it is locked.
  • The Carplay application icon will now appear on the screen of your Volvo Sx60 once the installation is complete.

That's all you need to get Apple Carplay in a Volvo XC60.

Of course, all our Carplay modules for Volvo allow the use of Apple Carplay wirelessly and the possibility to install a rear view camera or a front view camera if you don't have one.

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